HumanOS® SmartGateway

Are you ready for the digitalization of the Industry? CyberTech Engineering offers you leading technologies and products for your smart factory. HumanOS® accompany you on the way to modern technology and future business models like smart manufacturing, predictive maintenance and other applications in context to the Industry 4.0.

Evaluate the rentability and effective costs of your machines with HumanOS® and work out more precise offers for your customers.


Your Advantages

  • Adaptive kernel with the ability to learn
  • More precise Offers than your competitors
  • Real time operating condition monitoring
  • One platform for all your different machines
  • Integrated data correlation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Rentability-calculating of your machines

Your Digitalization

In the context of the digitalization, HumanOS® offers you following advantages:

  • Based on Plug & Produce, You can implement flexible production processes, including the fast resetup of whole systems
  • You can simply use the collected and preprocessed data for predictive maintenance
  • Your manufacturing know-how is managed in your company and not in an external cloud.
  • OPC-UA Server and MTConnect Agents for FANUC Controls

Your Services

For you as a mechanical engineer, new business models and services are possible, like:

  • Leasing of equipment (on time or number of parts)
  • Lease or sale of manufacturing know-how
  • Predictive maintenance contracts
  • Proactive and holistic process optimization

Your Framework

HumanOS® provides an open and modular framework. It can be extended by plugins, be it

  • New drivers to manage hardware and real-time systems
  • New services to provide data to an ERP, cloud, or remote services
  • Or algorithms and rules to customize the data, information and knowledge processing
HumanOS Kernel

Your Development

With the HumanOS® SDK, you can also easily and simply develop Your own plug-in modules keeping Your company's core know-how internally. With the SDK .net you can develop for plugins for:

  • Hardware drivers and real-time system integration
  • Services, like OPC-UA Server, MT-Connect Agents
  • Rules and processors, such as data processing and data correlation algorithms


Hardware Plugins

HumanOS® SmartGateway provides you with a high degree of connectivity. Almost all data sources can be opened with the gateway.

The following data sources are available in the standard version:

We also offer customer-specific connections to your hardware components.

Service Plugins

HumanOS® SmartGateway offers the following services:
  • A full-featured OPC-UA Server with DataAccess, Alarm&Conditions, HistoryAccess and Commands
  • MTConnect Agent developed according to the specification 1.3.1 (without assets).
  • MQTT with Publisher/Subscriber and customer-specific payload


HumanOS® SmartGateway carries out data correlations and situational analyzes directly on your machines.

  • This allows you to easily adapt a variety of systems to a homogeneous information layer.
  • With the HumanOS® Kernel, you have a dynamic and highly flexible tool to define your own processing networks and to profit from your shop floor expertise for digitization.
  • You are able to correlate your data directly on the machine.
  • When you use cloud applications, the data traffic is significantly reduced because raw data is already processed and correlated to meaningful information units on the system.

Our Partners


OPC Connectivity for FANUC Controls

HumanOS Smartgateway for FANUC CNC Machines
HumanOS® SmartGateway offer you a comprehensive OPC UA server and a MTConnect Agent for FANUC controllers. This intelligent and high-performance gateway allows you to connect your machines and robots with MES, ERP, cloud applications and remote maintenance services.

OPC UA and MTConnect can be operated in parallel. This allows a very open and flexible integration into your SmartFactory.

Monitoring the Operation Status

With HumanOS® SmartGateway, you can easily capture and evaluate the operating status of your machines. The customizable data processing and correlation allows you to define your own operating states.

  • Linking CNC control states
  • Alarms and Conditions
  • Workpiece information
  • Program information

Digitized Maintenance

HumanOS and HoloLens for Service
HumanOS® SmartGateway is the perfect tool for the maintenance of your machines.

By efficiently and easily analyzing the machines and their components, you can react quickly to failures and minimize the downtime of your production.

  • View realtime data directly on the HoloLens/Tablet
  • Situation detection of the maschine/modules
  • Customized HMI's on HoloLens and Tablets for maintenance and production



CyberTech Engineering HumanOS® SmartGateway are based on a simple per-machine basis without any runtime or annual fees. This maximizes cost savings at machine distribution and installations. The program license allows you to use HumanOS® SmartGateway within your company. A machine license allows you to connect a specific machine control with a HumanOS® SmartGateway installation.

The price for the license includes one year support and updates that can be continued by buying a „One Year Maintenance Package”. Additionally, individual support packages are available on request. When you buy a HumanOS® SmartGateway Package, you receive the following:

  • One Program License: The right to install and use HumanOS® SmartGateway as an end user.
  • (x) Machine Licenses: The right to connect (x) machines to HumanOS® SmartGateway.
  • Support: E-Mail and telephone support.
  • The latest tested and released version of HumanOS Software including hardware drivers and service plugins.

TRIAL Version

The current version 1.2 can be downloaded as TRIAL version.

Please contact us for extended and customer-specific tests in your machine park.

Over 15 years experience and knowledge of industrial machine controls, software architecture and engineering, artificial and pervasive intelligence, we are dedicated to provide the best and economical solutions to our valued customers.

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