HumanOS® SmartGateway

The SmartGateway is a slim IoT platform for Industry-, ICT- and Building automation. This cost-effective IoT solution offers you the latest OPC UA, MTConnect and MQTT technologies to network your machines. The Connectors Bundle, specially designed for the industry, allows you to connect controls such as FANUC, SIEMENS, BECKHOFF, NUM and ANDORN.

In addition to simple MDE applications, even more complex requirements can be realized with data correlations and DNC.

Your Advantages

  • An IoT platform for all machines, devices and software systems
  • Adaptive and intelligent operating state monitoring
    through simple data correlations
  • DNC Applications
  • High data availability and security
  • No dependencies on cloud or internet platforms
  • Transparent licensing
  • Supports OPC UA, MTConnect, MQTT and RESTful protocols
  • Large collection of industrial and ICT connectors

from 90.00 CHF / Device

Your Digitalization

HumanOS® SmartGateway offers you the following advantages in the context of digitization:

  • Easy and reliable recording of your machine conditions
  • With simple correlations and aggregations, you can create a generic information model
  • Collected and prepared data can be used for predictive maintenance
  • Your manufacturing knowhow is managed in your company and not in an external cloud
  • Historization directly in the Shopfloor network to prevent data loss

Your Ideas

The HumanOS® SmartGateway can also handle complex tasks. The generic platform can be easily extended by plugins:

  • Specific configuration of connectors
  • Development of own connectors and services (plugins)
  • Development of own data correlations and processors

For even more flexibility and the highest demands, his big brother can be used: HumanOS® SmartControl

CyberTech Engineering GmbH also offers comprehensive consulting, training and project support to make your visions and ideas a reality.



HumanOS® SmartGateway offers you a high degree of connectivity. Almost all data sources can be accessed using the IoT platform.

The following data sources are available:

We also offer you customized connection of your hardware components.

Services and Protocols

HumanOS® SmartGateway offers you the following services:
  • OPC-UA Server, complete with
    • Data Access (DA)
    • History Access (HA)
    • Alarm & Conditions (A&C)
    • Commands
    • Program transfer
    • Authentication
  • Generic RESTful API
    • Complete access to the internal node space
    • http and https
    • RESTful filter
    • Multiple WebServer instances possible
  • MTConnect Agent to specification 1.3.1 (without assets)
  • MQTT with publisher / subscriber and customizable payload
  • RabbitMQ with publisher and customizable payload
  • Universal DataLogger with customizable payload to varios endpoints (Influx, SQL, CSV, REST API, ...)


With HumanOS® SmartGateway, simple data correlations and situation analyzes can be performed directly on your system.

  • This allows you to easily adapt a wide variety of systems to a homogeneous information layer.
  • With the HumanOS® Kernel you have a dynamic and highly flexible tool at your disposal to define your own processing networks and to profitably use your workshop know-how for digitization.
  • You can correlate your data directly on the machine.
  • When you use cloud applications, traffic is significantly reduced as raw data is already linked and processed on the plant to create meaningful pieces of information. 


OPC-UA Connectivity for FANUC Machines

HumanOS SmartGateway for FANUC CNC Machines
HumanOS® SmartGateway offers you a full-featured OPC UA Server and MTConnect Agent for FANUC controllers. These intelligent and high-performance services allow you to connect your machines and robots with MES, ERP, cloud applications and remote maintenance services.

OPC-UA and MTConnect can be operated in parallel. This allows a very open and flexible integration of all machines into your SmartFactory.

Operating Condition-Monitoring

With HumanOS® SmartGateway, you can easily record and evaluate the operating states of your machines. With customizable data processing and correlation, you can define your own operating states.

  • Linking control states
  • Alarms and messages
  • Workpiece information
  • Program information
Over 15 years experience and knowledge of industrial machine controls, software architecture and engineering, artificial and pervasive intelligence, we are dedicated to provide the best and economical solutions to our valued customers.