HumanOS® Orchestrator

The Orchestrator is a version of the HumanOS® specially designed for ICT- and business automation. With a wide range of ICT and Business Connectors, you can automate and control your existing ICT environment.

From the data center to the private cloud, the Orchestrator manages networks, servers and applications so that they can be ordered and used by business units at the click of a mouse.

Your Advantages

  • One IoT platform for all machines, devices and software systems
  • Flexibly expandable for new challenges
  • Adaptive and intelligent operating status monitoring through data correlations and machine learning
  • MES & DNC applications
  • High data availability and security
  • No dependencies on cloud or internet platforms
  • Transparent licensing
  • Supports OPC-UA, MTConnect, MQTT and RESTful protocols
  • Large collection of industry and IT connectors

from 270.00 CHF / Device

Your Digitalization

HumanOS® Orchestrator offers the following advantages in the context of digitalization:

  • Easy and reliable monitoring of your data center
  • Integration of various systems to automate processes beyond system boundaries
    • Software Defined Networking
    • Management of virtual server environments
    • IP Adress Management (IPAM)
    • ICT documentation
    • Monitoring and data analysis

Your Ideas

The HumanOS® Orchestrator has no limits. The generic platform can be easily extended by own scripts and plugins:

  • Human-machine collaboration through integrated workflow engine
  • Specific configuration of connectors, including business logic with C # scripts
  • Development of own connectors and services (plugins)
  • Development of own data correlations and processors

CyberTech Engineering GmbH also offers comprehensive consulting, training and project support to make your visions and ideas a reality.



HumanOS® Orchestrator offers you a high degree of connectivity. Almost all data sources can be accessed using the IoT platform.

The following data sources are available:

  • Generic RESTful API enabled systems (Sophos, i-doit, IPAM, PRTG, Kibana, ...)
  • Microsoft Active Directory®
  • Web-Cams
  • SQL databases (MySQL, MS SQL, …)
  • XML and CSV files
  • OPC-UA enabled devices (CNC controls, hardware controller, ...)
We also offer you customized connectors of your hardware components.

Services and Protocols

HumanOS® Orchestrator offers you the following services:
  • Generic RESTful API
    • Complete access to the internal node space
    • http and https
    • RESTful Filter
    • Multiple WebServer instances possible
  • OPC-UA Server, complete with
    • Data Access (DA)
    • History Access (HA)
    • Alarm & Conditions (A&C)
    • Commands
    • Program transfer
    • Authentication
  • MQTT with Publisher/Subscriber and customized payload
  • Universal DataLogger with customizable payload to varios endpoints (Influx, SQL, CSV, REST API, ...)

Workflow Engine

Unique is the workflow engine in HumanOS® Orchestrator. It offers the possibility to model and automate complex processes.

  • Realization of a human-machine collaboration

  • Semi-autonomous processes: certain processes are automated, other processes are still done by people

  • Skill-based workflows. That means that skills can be learned over time by the system and used for automation

In addition, the Orchestrator can be easily extended with new functions (commands) and workflows.


Open Platform

Your Framework

HumanOS® provides an open and modular framework. It can be extended by plugins, be it

  • New drivers to connect hardware and realtime systems
  • New services to provide data to an ERP, cloud or remote services
  • Or algorithms and rules to process data, information and knowledge specifically.

HumanOS Kernel

Your Development

With the HumanOS® SDK, you can also easily and simply develop Your own plug-in modules keeping Your company's core know-how internally. With the SDK .NET you can develop plugins for:

  • Connectors to your hardware and software systems
  • Services, like RESTful API, OPC-UA Server, MT-Connect Agents
  • Rules and processors, such as data processing and data correlation algorithms


Data Center Automation

Data center automation is based on the HumanOS® Orchestrator. The application offers you:
  • Management of VPN and IPsec connections to IoT devices
  • Management for Software Defined Networking
  • Management for automatic server and client roll-out
  • Automated Patch Management
  • ICT-documentation

Client Automation for Schools

The heart pieceof the ctSchool® solution is the HumanOS® Orchestrator.

  • Reduction of the administration and management of client devices
  • Reducing yearly maintenance costs
  • Keeping all IT devices up-to-date
  • Maximizing security
  • Flexibility and scalability

Thanks to automation with HumanOS® Orchestrator, teachers and students can maintain the pedagogical focus.

Over 15 years experience and knowledge of industrial machine controls, software architecture and engineering, artificial and pervasive intelligence, we are dedicated to provide the best and economical solutions to our valued customers.