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Digitization is progressing at a fast pace and is spreading into all areas. The worldwide top topic of Industry 4.0 / Industrie 2025 is becoming more and more the focus of the companies. The networking of industrial machines is no longer a vision but a reality. But what does Industry 4.0 want to generate for you?

The responsible employees want to stay informed about the status and the productivity of their machines. They also want to display and analyse the aquired data centrally using their IT environment. This can be a simple statistic or a complex machine data analysis. If the corresponding data are available, a data analysis can be created in a simple way. That brings us up to the question: How are the data collected and correlated?

Many machine manufacturers offer solutions for the data collection of their machines. These are often not only expensive but also very manufacturer-specific. Therefore, it's practically impossible to capture the data of your entire individual machine park at a central location.

  • Have you ever wondered what would happen if the data collection could be done in the simplest way?
  • Do you already have networked machines, but can only run the data stream in one direction?
  • Perhaps you already run a highly complex system that records your machine data, but are not content with it or pay too much money for maintenance?
  • Or would you like to make an analysis for a long time, but are limited by your internal IT policies?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, HumanOS™ is the right solution for you! Collecting, linking and processing machine data is our passion, no matter whether it is large or small data sets. We have developed a learnable & flexible system that adapts to your needs and desires. Whether the data is visualized, the HoloLens is used for the control of the machine functionality, or the machine control is put into the care of HumanOS™ is your decision! Let your imagination run wild - we are looking forward to discussing your ideas and wishes.

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Safe Start into 2018

In today's world, where everything is networked, the data is going to be stored in a public or private cloud, the topic becomes significantly more important!

This, because Network & Security build the foundation of your ICT infrastructure, which must be set up and maintained in a stable and secure manner. We offer you professional support in this area. With our ICT & Security Winter Check we check your ICT infrastructure on heart & kidney and make you fit for the coming spring.

Four eyes see more than just two - it means that it is a great advantage for you if your infrastructure is also viewed by an external & independent ICT service provider. Every vendor works - which is very good - according to his experiences, whose sum can significantly increase the security, stability, and availability of your infrastructure.

With our winter check we will answer you following questions:

  • Is your infrastructure effectively protected against Ransomware & Malware?
  • Are you protected against unauthorized access?
  • Can you continue working on a hardware failure?
  • Are your data protected?
  • Are your employees aware of possible dangers?

We will personally discuss the results and possible measures for optimizing the infrastructure with you and define the further procedure. We look forward to hearing from you and to assist you.

Over 15 years experience and knowledge of industrial machine controls, software architecture and engineering, artificial and pervasive intelligence, we are dedicated to provide the best and economical solutions to our valued customers.

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