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Our Products and Solutions

HumanOS® IoT Platform

Have you already automated today?
HumanOS® IoT Platform enables comprehensive automation solutions for business, industry, IT and building automation.


Cost-effective and fully automated solutions explicitly for schools! Easiest management for notebooks, desktops and mobile devices. The "Lehrplan 21" can come! Learn more about it…


Solutions for big companies at a low price - is that possible? Yes, sure! With our solutions we offer you the enterprise functionalities and security at an absolutely fair price! Learn more and let yourself be inspired ...

IT Solutions

The art in information technologies is to correctly combine of the right products to a good and secure IT infrastructure according to the requirements and the existing budget. We offer comprehensive and individualized IT solutions for your company.


We contribute to OpenSource Communities! With our frameworks in C ++ and C #, you realize challenging and highly complex systems. You are welcome to actively participate in their development.

Our Services

Research & Development

We help you shape the future!

Our R&D focuses on trend research, basic research and the development of new information and communication technologies.The main topics are:

  • Human-centered Design
  • Human-Machine Collaboration
  • Holistic System Modeling

Architektur & Design

We offer you modern solutions!

With our knowledge and our innovative power, we help you successfully design, implement and operate your systems.

  • Basic IT infrastructure
  • Digitization and Automation
  • Networking & Security
  • Consulting in IT, software and hardware engineering

Integral System-Engineering

We put human beings in the center of our work!

The success of your system depends primarily on its integration into the environment of the human beings. With our approach, people and their socio-cultural environment are equally taken into account in system design. This creates sustainable and responsible solutions.

Integration & Operation

We put our knowledge into practice!

A solution needs its correct integration to ensure customer's satisfaction. We're looking forward to implement the solution for you, so that you can concentrate on your work.

In addition, we can help you to ensure the operation so that you have fun in the long term.

Highest Quality

Ensuring first and best of product
and service quality

Highest Efficiency

Promoting agile and transparent
development processes

Valuable Inspiration

Cultivation of creativity and
innovation to set new trends

CyberTech Members


Benjamin Hadorn

CEO, Software Engineering
PhD in Computer Science Send Mail +41 33 531 1012 +41 79 751 7873

Benjamin Hadorn


Matthias Hadorn

CTO, IT Architect
Dip. Telematiker HF Send Mail +41 33 531 1011 +41 79 824 5402

Matthias Hadorn


Pascal Soltermann

CSO, Sales and Marketing
Dipl. Unternehmensführer Send Mail +41 33 531 1017 +41 79 839 1489

Pascal Soltermann


Roger Pieren

Software Engineering
Dipl. Automatiker Send Mail +41 33 531 1014

Roger Pieren


Joël Scherrer

System Engineering
Dipl. Informatiker Send Mail +41 33 531 1015

Joël Scherrer


Lukas Ruchti

Software Engineering
Dipl. Systemtechniker Informatik HF Send Mail +41 79 828 29 81

Lukas Ruchti

Our engineering office provides the
highest quality products, services and solutions
to you.

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Over 15 years experience and knowledge of industrial machine controls, software architecture and engineering, artificial and pervasive intelligence, we are dedicated to provide the best and economical solutions to our valued customers.

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